Jamison M. Day, Ph.D.

Jamison is dedicated to improving information sharing and coordination among people and organizations. He has educated executives and senior management from government, defense, corporate, and non-profit organizations, facilitating several cross-sector projects.

He is skilled at translating conceptual models into technical implementation strategies that transform people's behavior and organization's processes. His insights into decision-making, management, information systems, and complexity science provide new hope for overcoming some of the 21st century’s toughest challenges.

He is currently affiliated with the department of Business Information and Analytics at the University of Denver while consulting for clients in Colorado and Washington, D.C.. He has:

  • Taught in business schools at Louisiana State University, Indiana University, and the University of Houston.
  • Consulted for companies including Microsoft, Efiia, Cocoon Data, and Air Liquide.
  • Presented insights at the National Security Council, National Science Foundation, Federal Emergency Management Agency, US Northern Command, and the Institute for Defense in Business.
  • Developed case studies with managers from Campbell Soup, Entergy, Halliburton, Hewlett-Packard, Schlumberger, and Target.
  • Published in practitioner and academic outlets including Decision Sciences Journal, Journal of Supply Chain Management, Journal of the Association for Information Systems, Journal of Business Continuity and Emergency Planning, World Energy, and IT Professional.
  • Co-founded the Humanitarian and Disaster Relief Supply Chain Initiative.
  • Served on a Supply Chain Security Team for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence & Department of Homeland Security.
  • Contributed to public-private initiatives such as the Medical and Public Health Information Sharing Environment, Race to Resilience, and YouDOP.
  • Served on the Department of Health and Human Services Colorado 3 Disaster Medical Assistance Team.
  • Volunteered with the American Red Cross Headquarters, Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD), and various faith-based organizations.